Bizarre UFO Sightings [Interdimensional UFO Caught On Video] [Mass UFO Fleet TX] Dec 2014

Two bizarre ufo sightings submitted to Thirdphaseofmoon. John and Sherry Lyons While on vacation late October visit the sacred falls known as Akaka. Visited by Tourist tens of thousands of times a year. Take a look at what they captured. After zooming in you notice the spiritual being gives of refractions of light as it enters the waterfall. The Ancient Hawaiians call them The Kukuihaele, the dancing lights. Could this be an interdimensional being caught on video?

San Antonia Texas SAUFOTX submits his video of what he claims is a Cluster of Energy U.F.O’s traveling overhead caught with his Infrared Video Camera and a 950 IR Filter. A massive flock of birds, balloons or something otherworldly take a look.
Its been making the rounds on the net, the original video link–KnXO_0c

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