Black Triangle Sighting in Bakersfield, California on July 6th 2015 – 5-6 Triangles and or Orbs, moving randomly in a large rectangular/triangular flight path over North-West city section

A friend of mine came over after her classes around 3:30 pm. Around about 8:40 pm she was going to head home. So I walked her to her car to see her off. We were standing by her car saying our goodbyes when a bright star to the east caught my eye and I said to her “Jebus that star is bright”, she thought it was one of our planets. Then we both noticed a white flashing below the position of the star/planet we were looking at, moving South-East. I asked her “whats that right there?” and pointed. She replies “a plane maybe?”. But the white flashing was different from the white strobe lighting on typical aircraft. The things white pulse went (Flash-white PAUSE Flash-white cont.) and from what i have seen on conventional aircraft the white pulse they put off goes (Flash-white twice rapid succession PAUSE Flash-white once cont.) But anyway as this thing was starting to move over head we could then make out 3 solid orange circular lights in a triangle around the pulsing white light. Then as it kept coming in our direction and was almost 90 degrees off the horizon over head the pulsing light changed in color and succession red green and white now but much faster pulsing and seemingly at random intervals. I turned to her and said “yeah, i don’t think that’s a plane”. So we walked up my front yard to keep watching this thing move away from us now, because the trees in my yard and neighbors we obstructing our view.

All of that ^ happened within 3 or 4 minutes so the thing was moving quick.

Now were standing in my yard and not in the street by her car and I am still watching this thing move to the SE. Then she points out to me there are two more to the SW. 1 of them was a streaking solid white light that seemed to just go out seconds after she pointed them out, and the other was another pulsing red green white randomly those colors both moving NW. I can not stress enough the seemingly random pattern of the pulsing red white and green. It was like (red red white green white red green red white) no order to them that i could tell of. So now we are watching this other pulsing move NW and behind my neighbors tree again so back into the street to watch we went. After watching this one move away to the NW for another just handful of minutes I scanned the skies behind me because my curiosity is PEAKED. Right bloody there behind us was our original 3 pulsing colors and 3 solid circular orange lighting triangular craft. Still moving as quick as before but now its also moving NW, just on my East. So now were watching this one again and as it is moving away from us. Then the thing turned on a really bright cone of light that rotated 45 or 90 degrees from its right side to the front of it and then turned off. But it was so fast it was hard to tell how much the light rotated. The cone light was brighter and more prominent than the other lights but the cone light did not interrupt the pulsing or orange lights.

There is plenty more story cause we observed these things for about an hour and a half and all that above was about 20 minutes of that experience. I was thinking you guys might find this interesting and possibly look into radar and what not if you are interested.

Thank you

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