Black Triangle Sighting in Hoogezand, Groningen on March 12th 1994 – Black triangle with three dull red lights flying over at night. Very low, slow and silent.

Giving all the other triangle sightings stories I have read throughout the years after the event, this is just another classic case of triangle sightings. Low, slow and silent. Read anyway when interested. 🙂

It was on a school yard with two friends on a chilly evening in ’94. We were just hanging out that night. My friends were standing directly under a light by the schools’ entrance while I was standing in the middle of the (elementary) schools’ square. I was having a glance at the sky because it was very bright that night.
I was only looking up for minutes, maybe even seconds when something caught my attention in the right corner of my eye. The first split-second it was like a big moving dark “blind spot” against the stars and it was already as good as directly above me when I got my focus.
To my amazement I saw this very -in my view- exotic looking triangle which immediately seemed to be in total control, unlike the fact that it seemed to be moving too slow to even stay in the air.
Three dull red lights on each corner and the obvious outline of a solid triangle-shaped object.
It wasn’t scary but I was definitely shocked and intimidated by its “sudden” appearance. Too close and too low. Also way too silent for comfort. I can’t even help but to think they must have seen me looking and pointing at them.
I think it took about a total of 20 seconds before it disappeared behind the building at the end of the street I was looking into.
The way it seemed to move at that speed seemed impossible. So steady and straight. I couldn’t hear any sound besides the obvious screaming of my own voice calling my friends to come and look. They came running but too late to be able to pick it up. Coming directly away from under the light too I suppose. That was and still kind of is frustrating but it doesn’t really matter. I have great eyesight and I like to think I am a rational person. I saw whatever I saw that night.
I only told my family at first because I didn’t feel like it sounded very believable, especially in those days. In 2015 for some reason it sounds more believable.
I’m not even sure if my friends totally believed me. I don’t doubt they believed I saw something. I just think it’s easier to believe your own eyes than someone else’s.

In the first years after the event I was convinced that it wasn’t “ours”. It just didn’t seem possible in the laws of physics as we humans know it or like in my case at that time: as I was used to seeing flying objects.
Now years later I just think it is most likely ours and that we as a species are not to be underestimated in the (terrible) things we are capable of. Even if it is just hiding the inevitable source of energy we are so clearly ready for. That is if we want to save our planet.
And also to be the first intelligent species in the history of the universe to make it past the ten million years of existence mark. If that theory is correct.

Anyway, in conclusion. Our town is stretched out and about 3-4 miles long. It flew over at pretty much the center of the “long side” at the time I saw it. Around 22pm. Thats why I think there must be more people around here that have seen it that evening.
That people still see them today means these triangles can
also (still) fly over us without even being seen, let alone identified.

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