UFO Sighting in Hope Mills, North Carolina on July 4th 2015 – Red colored sphere spotted traveling at odd speed across the sky. No blinking lights. Reddish in color. t

It was 4th of July and several people and myself were watching some local fireworks in front of my property somewhere around 9:20pm. At one point the fireworks were at a lull and someone pointed out the object In the sky traveling in a straight line north to NW. It stood out because of its odd speed and movement and steady reddish orange glow. NO blinking lights, no sound, and it certainly was NOT fireworks of any kind. It moved across the sky and I managed to take video of the object as it travelled. This was no plane or helicopter; I see them all the time and this did not look like or move anything like that. The lights seemed to glow but not blink. Through my phone camera viewer the lights appear to almost pulsate and change color. The person who spotted the object happens to be a seasoned veteran in the Army who also wasn’t sure what it could have been. I have seen plenty planes and helicopters in the sky nearby due to our proximity to Ft. Bragg military base-but nothing like this. The object disappeared from might sight in under a minute behind some houses.

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