UFO Sighting in Desert Hot Springs, California on July 7th 2015 – almost golden white light, then red lights, gray disc

Kids were out playing in front yard around 7:30pm a bright light flew towards them then the light went out revealing a gray disc shaped craft. It was only about 30 ft in the air and passed over the neighbors house no sound completely silent. Then it ascended high into the sky and hovered for about an hour. It disappeared then at about 10:35pm or so came back towards the way it came same flight pattern, it had red and white lights about 6 lights I took video of it. Not the greatest video, but it shows it isn’t any airplane or helicopter and it moved quietly low and FAST! It has been in the sky every night since Thursday July 2nd, this is the first time I actually got to catch it moving besides over the mountain.

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