UFO Sighting in Salmon, Idaho on June 25th 2007 – watching a storm with my mother and son I captured a digital photo of 3 lights accending

Outside of my childhood home, my mother, my son and I were observing a strange storm pattern. Strange in that, the storm went around the whole town, with discolorations above the mountains surrounding the town. I started taking digital film with my camera and started snapping pictures with the same camera. I didn’t see the objects until I had snapped the last picture, noticing unplaced lights in the photo. At first I thought it may have been a stray rain drop landing on the lense. There were no water markings or droplets detected on the lens and the paterns of light don’t align with a rainbow effect. The objects were barely observable with my eyes after taking the picture. My mother and I talked about feeling a sense of excitement before seeing the objects. Directly after taking the photo, I observed only a flash and could see the objects no longer.

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