NYPD officers speak out about ticket quota pressure !

NYPD officers speak out against their superiors forcing them to write more tickets each month or risk being penalized or fired. This amounts to an illegal quota system which preys on citizens which are struggling to survive in the mist of a depression and record joblessness. The idea of putting a private and secretive organization like the NYPD in charge of keeping the population safe has lead to mass police brutality, corruption and the complete and utter exploitation of the people both physically and financially.

If people truly want to be safe and secure they should own a legal firearm afforded them by the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution. The people have been tricked into having a lack of interest in self defense by a high-jacked government hell bent on enslaving the population under the false pretense of keeping people safe from terrorist threats which they themselves create.

“The exact level of tyranny that you’re going to live under, is the level of tyranny you put up with.” – Thomas Jefferson –


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