Stanton Friedman: UFOs Crashing in Roswell Is the ‘Real Truth’ | VIDEO

Stanton Friedman on Newsmax TV (July 2015)

By Courtney Coren

     On the 68th anniversary of the reported crash of an alien flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico, nuclear physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman tells Newsmax that he has no doubt that it really happened.

“There’s no question that the real truth is that the United States Army Air Force recovered a crashed flying saucer, recovered alien bodies and has covered them up very successfully since that time,” Friedman told Ed Berliner on “MidPoint” on Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

“It’s one of the biggest stories of the millennium and it’s not surprising. Many other important stories have been covered up for very long times [when there is] national security involved,” he explained. . . .

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