UFO Sighting in Arnold, Missouri on July 4th 2015 – fireball slowly gliding across the sky

During fireworks celebration my wife and I were standing in our front yard and noticed that there wasa orb that looked like a firework that was slowly floating in a straight line across the sky. It was only 1 at a time, and was not a plane or helicopter. This occurred many times. The orb would glide slowly across our field of vision. We ran in to get a camera to see if we could get a close up of it, to make out what it could be. No matter how much we zoomed in it was a round orb. In our excitement we didnt video it which I am very irritated with myself about. I have no idea what this was but it was no firework as they couldnt keep going that slowly for such a long time. We also arent sure if it was the same one that kept going around but we would lose site of it over our house and we would see what could be another one in just a few second after that one went away. We didn’t see it circle, it just went straight which makes me think it was several in a line, like they were trying to blend in with the fireworks.

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