UFO Sighting in Vancouver, Washington on July 4th 2015 – I was watching fireworks and notice a fire orange fireball in the sky out the nw sky fiying towardmy dad home.

I was watching fireworks on July 4 2015 around 10:15PM in the front part of the home when I saw this Bright Orange object coming out of the Northwest and notice it was coming this way towards my father house. I hurry up real quick to get my father come outside. my father also saw this flying over the house at a straight pattern going over the house. I went towards the back side of the property watch it flying in Southeast Direction and disappeared less then minute and it was out of site. My Father describe as bright orange orb flying south with flames all round it. Both us were puzzled and don’t know what it could be except a UFO. this thing look like a flying sun without noise being made.

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