Alien Encounter in Hamilton, Montana on June 1st 2009 – Alien Opeation on Hip

I was laying in bed after going to sleep for just a second when i woke up feeling a burning pain in my left thigh. 2 years later in Seattle, WA I saw a Grey Alien in a PTSD flash back. I heard buzz-saw cutting; I was vibrating; and I was screaming in shock but there was no pain. As I awoke from the flashback my left hip had the same feeling as it did in 2009 and now I am having vericose veins growing in that area. I know what I experienced was real, but I don’t remember much of it other than what I’m telling you now. The alien had big black eyes, a large oblong, conical head; two holes for nostrils and a small slit for a mouth. It was greyish-silver in color.

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