Black Triangle Sighting in San Bernardino, California on May 11th 1992 – Large Tri-shaped craft sighted

Several friends were over my house to welcome a visitor from out of town. Was a quiet evening. We had been Playing cards and I was getting tired so I sat the hand out. I went to sit buy a window because he house will filled with cigarette smoke. As I did, I heard a unusual noise coming from outside loud enough to draw attention from everyone else. Thought I saw lights. They were low. I thought maybe a plane was in trouble so I said “Oh Crap: and ran out the front door. Everyone else followed me. First looking up just above the trees, we felt the warmth of something blowing air downward. Couldn’t see the craft as first, but thought we were seeing multiple helicopters when actually, it was a huge tri shape
thing with bottom lights, all standing in the middle if the street realized we were looking at stars in the sky through the tri shaped craft. it passed at a pace of less than half a mile a second. After it had passed and disappeared, we went inside and all agreed to never speak of it, I haven’t until now. Haven’t spoken to any of those either.

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