UFO Sighting in Antelope, California on August 31st 2013 – Saw lights making strange shapes in the night sky

So around 9:30pm September 2013 my girl friend, her brother and I decided to go to Taco Bell for dinner. As we left her house, we came up to the round about, I was sitting in the back of her blazer. I looked into the sky just over the tree line, their I noticed 4 red or amber lights in a horizontal line. All 4 lights was evenly spaced out. I then shouted to my girl friend to go left and stay on pfe, it’s this little back road near are house. As we continued down pfe road the 4 lights that I saw just moments ago was now 7 light in a horizontal line, but now I’m not the only one viewing it, my girl friend then stops the car and we sit on the side of the road watching. Her brother just kept asking what are those lights doing, what are they but me and my girl had no answer for him. As we continue watching thing just got strange, the 7 lights we was viewing started making shapes in the sky. They started out horizontal all spaced out evenly right above the tree line, then in a blink of an eye they were all vertical straight line still evenly spaced out, they did 4 more shaps that I would have to draw out but I rember them clear as day. Anyways after all the shapes they did one by one each light disaperd. It reminded me of a dim switch, the lights would slowly get dimmer till it was gone. Well after witnessing this the 3 of was scared but we continued to Taco Bell to get our dinner, As we got there and drove into the line, I looked up again and to my amazement I see the same colored lights but this time only 3 and it’s in a triangle formation. So I hop out the blazer and point to the sky and other people look up and see what I’m seeing. This object was moving so slow with no sound what so ever. And I wanna say that if this triangle was a solid object then it was huge, I mean BIG BIG BIG. Well anyways as we watch this thing fly over us I noticed a blinking light from the corner of my eye, it was a small plane heading straight for us. Now mind you I can hear this plane lol not the object. Then as the plane makes its way over us its now under this object. And like I said before this object was big, when we watch this plane fly past it looked like a little toy compared to the object. But as the plane was passing, the lights disappeared just like before, just dimmed out and it was gone. Me my girl and her brother was confused by all this. We did not know what to think, we did agree on one thing, what we saw couldn’t have man made. with how fast they moved and the creepiness and dead silence.

Another thing to note is that 2 months after this sighting me and my girlfriend saw the same type of lights again but it was only 2 and they was flying very low and fast coming right at us then suddenly took a shap right and disappeared. Then 4 months after that I’m with my little brother heading to winco, grocery store. We park I and get out and for some reason I just looked up and saw over 2 dozen lights and I yield out to my brother because he was still in the car. He then gets out and we both started watching these lights dance around in the sky and other people in the parking lot was looking at us because I was pointing at the sky the whole time and this lasted mybe 2 or 3 mins before they all disapeard.

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