Crow Images vs NASA Images – Pluto is Only at Disneyland!

Croww777 believes that we are living in a matrix. What we see as planets, the stars, our cosmos, is not real but projected like holograms.

And NASA’s mission is to ensure we know nothing about what is outside of our world, according to Croww777.

Croww777: “To be clear, I do not accept any data from NASA. Not images, not distances, Not anything! All information used in this clip is for the purposes of exposing fraud and I consider none of it to be accurate.”

“NASA has a problem with this mission. For once the camera quality and tools cannot be the excuse. There is no reason for the lack of stunning images though it is clear if we see sharp images – we will know what we are looking at and it is almost certain the description will tell you “construct” as well.”

“The clock is ticking for this fraudulent agent of the system. Keep in mind Space X is the replacement and will try to hide behind corporation.”

“NASA is going away as fast as it can and it is on us to kick them in the nuts every chance we get. We deserve to know what is out there and right now we do not.”

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