UFO Sighting in Johns Creek, Georgia on July 10th 2015 – Very fast moving, star-like object witnessed with 10-year old daughter moved across sky, then change direction and disppeared

Saturday July 10, 2015
Approximately 9PM, EST
Johns Creek, GA

Pulsating, star-like object seen travelling quickly across night sky changes direction and disappears (2 witnesses).

Last night, my 10 year old daughter and I were in the neighborhood pool awaiting the rest of the family. On this clear summer night, we were gazing into the sky, pointing out stars and were actually watching 2 planes, plus a helicopter fly overhead at different bearings and altitudes. Each was quite typical, with plane-type lights, sounds, and movements. The helicopter we witnessed, caught far better attention from us because it was lower than the planes (approx 500′ high). We could see the shape, and even opposing red and blue blinking lights, making us think it was a police or law enforcement helipcopter. It’s sound was more muffled that you’d have expected for a helicopter flying as low as it was. It’s shape simply a dark silouhette with no identifiable markings from our distance.

Almost immediately after the helicopter flew away, my daughter pointed out an object at a much higher altitude, well off to the Northeast. “Dad… what is that?” We both watched as this object, which looked like any other star in the sky (as far as brightness and intensity goes) moved in a perfectly straight line in a due West direction for about 20 seconds. It was slightly pulsating, like some stars do, but appeared to move extremely fast given the distance we watched it cover (having just watched 2 planes). The object was yellow/ white in color, left a very faint trail behind it which disappeared quickly. The object seemed to cover what looked like 1-2 miles in just 15 seconds or so. My reply to her was, “Hon, I have no idea what we’re looking at here.”

We watched closely together for the next 5-10 seconds – talking amongst ourselves about it. This object moved at great speed in a perfetly straight line across the sky, then suddenly changed its flight direction while we were talking about it. The change was instant and abrupt, moving a full 45-degrees to the North from how it had been flying, looking like it was almost flying straight up because it disappeared about 3 seconds later an an even greater speed, just vanishing before us.

The entire sighting lasted about 30 seconds and my daughter is still talking about this today to me and her friends. This was definitely one of the odder things we’ve ever seen together in the skies.

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