UFO Sighting in Santa Clarita, California on July 11th 2015 – I first saw what I thought was a satellite, but it was to late at night. 11:30pm. It headed south, straight and then went up. It did a tight loop back down. It then just flew around in all directions kind of like it was on s roller coaster. And it was fas

I took my dog outside to pee before going to bed. A light, moving south, passed over my right. It got my attention cause I thought it was a satellite. But, not at 11:30pm. It couldn’t be an airplane, it was just s bright light. No market lights. I’m here in Palmdale, CA. I see a lot of military planes. This was not one of ours, or anything from Earth! So it passed overhead and then quickly climbed. It looked like it was heading to space. Then it looped, real right loop. 180 degrees. Straight down. Then the light began tracing a path similar to a roller coaster. Up, down, left, right, wild ride! Lindy of what a stunt plane would do. But much faster and changed directions like no plane could. It dove down behind the mountains and I lost sight of it. I waited, didn’t see it again.
I was so excited and pissed. I didn’t have my phone on me. Couldn’t take a picture. I wanted to run inside and get it and my skepticial wife. But I figured it would be gone when I came out. I’d rather watch and not miss the experience. It was so cool to realize, I was looking at A UFO!

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