UFO Sighting in Vinec, Central Bohemian Region on June 29th 2015 – A formation of 4 black spherical UFO over mountain range NE of Vinci, Italy.

I was on a bus heading from Florence to Pisa airport.
While staying in Tuscany two days before I heard military jets flying overhead very low and circling the area for over an hour. I made a joke that they are chasing a UFO because they were interrupting our class. When I was on the bus, traveling westward, my seat was facing west. I don’t know what made me look to the other side, I just decided to look. The first thing I saw was an object materializing over the mountain range as if out of nothing it then grew in size while simultaneously descending and approaching to hover below the line of the mountain range. I thought maybe it was a helicopter but then in rapid succession 3 more craft perfectly spaced apart from the first object repeated its motion appearing above the mountain and then descending and approaching slightly very quickly and in a perfect curve until all four were hovering just below the mountain range on the horizon. This captivated my attention and I knew this was something special because the objects were in a perfect straight line perfectly spaced apart, they looked out of place.

The people on the bus looked at me and looked out onto the mountain. I wanted to shout at them to look! But I didn’t want to scare anyone. Unfortunately I broke my phone earlier that week-end and could not take photographs so I just looked as if my life depended on it. I was on a moving bus going away from the mountain range but I could see the first object begin to fade and get smaller compared to the other 3 still hovering in the same spot when I could no longer see the formation. I have been asking to see a UFO mentally for a long time and it felt like they did it just for me.

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