Black Triangle Sighting in McFarland, Wisconsin on November 16th 1993 – Observed three triangular shaped objects. One hovered and then moved, the other two floated without stopping.

I was on my way back home from hockey practice with my team mate and his father. His father was driving the car and pointed out to us that there was one large triangluar shaped object which was hovering above the elementary school. He pulled the car over and we got out of the car to watch it more. The object could have been 300-400 feet in the air, mad a low near-inaudible hum, rotated very slowly, but didn’t leave the mark where it was hovering for a few minutes. We all thought for sure that it was from the military base which is also a part of Dane County Airport.

The object began to move very slowly S/SW over Mud Lake towards Lake Kegonsa. We followed the object down Johnson St and stopped at the corner of Johnson St and Marsh Woods Dr, where we observed two more objects which were a few hundred feet to the west. The additional objects seemed to be doing the same thing as the first object; none of them seemed to be doing much except hovering.

One by one, the objects increased in speed and moved in a southwesterly direction. The speed was not anything crazy, certainly no faster than a jet. Did not make any additional noise as it sped up. After that, we went home and never saw it again.

I will fully admit that these may have been military aircraft. I have never seen military aircraft like that but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

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