UFO Sighting in Cranbrook, British Columbia on May 5th 2015 – it was passing over quickly a gray round obgect

I was in my back yard in the hot tub I was having trouble sleeping so I went out side to watch what I thought was going to be a meteor shower. only I did not see a single meteor but I did see the satellites that pass over every night. I was laying my head back looking up when it came into view I will tell we have mountains that block the view around our city so I only saw it when it passed into the visible sky. I thought it was a satellite but all the satellites are barely visible this thing was solid looking it must have been lower than the satellites how much I don’t know I saw it turn east it came from the north it was short time I saw it maybe at most thirty seconds at lest ten seconds it was passing over I think it was heading some ware. At first I thought it was just a satellite so I contacted NASA and asked it they had a satellite that was acting strangely but they did not responded. I last saw it heading east the mountains block me from seeing ware it went.

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