UFO Sighting in Conyers, Georgia on July 13th 2015 – It was done shape, it sounded like a train at a distance. It had bright light. 2 little lights on each sides. Was flying low

I got up because I heard what sounded like a train always a way. Very light vibration. I looked out my kitchen window but didn’t see anything. But I could see a bright light. So assumed then it might of been a search light from a far. But then I saw it! It was big. Dome shamed! Silver. 2 small lights on each sides. It wasn’t trying to hide. It was at a decent speed. But it was really low. Right above the trees. Like it was just out observing. I was in shock. I wish I had got a picture. I was to scared to go out side. It looked man made. Very beautiful machinery. Idk if aliens were visiting or the military. But it was cool! Ppl would definiantly think I was crazy! Lol.. I told my son what I saw but I was going to keep it to myself Bc ppl would think I went crazy. Lol. But then he said some one claims to saw it to some where. For research purposes if it is not a government thing, I figured I better share. I will defiantly be paying attn to the sky for now on and be prepared to take a pic. If I had of been able to get a pic, it would have been a good one.

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