UFO Sighting in Draffenville, Kentucky on July 12th 2015 – A slowly blinking light seemed to appear in different locations.

Location: Western Kentucky
Time: About 9:45 central
View: South-east sky

So last night I’m outside with my brother and his wife. I happen to look up and see what I thought was a bright star fade out to the east by south-east part of the night sky. About 10-15 seconds later it flashes again a little to the south of it’s original location. The light lasted for about a second and then faded away – the light itself was stationary. At this time, my sister-in-law asks me if I saw it, too. We spend the next few seconds looking up, and and then it happened again. This third flash was again in a different location, a little further south than the second. It lasted about a second and then disappeared again. We were both puzzled and continued scanning the sky for the next 15 seconds or so before it appeared for it’s 4th and final time. This final flash was still slow and went on for about a second, but this one was much further to the south this time. It faded and we didn’t see another one. There were trees in the line of sight, and this wasn’t too far over them so I can’t say for certain if it was flashing behind them or not.

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