UFO Sighting in New Pekin, Indiana on July 12th 2015 – Observed a large bright object at 11 pm, red/rose in color very long and lit up the sky where it was moving to

At 11 pm on JULY 12, 2015, I had taken the dog out and looked up to the NW, and the object just appeared, red/rose in color very long size around 300 to 500 feet, and it was bright, it then showed the sky on each side of the object bright blue, it then made a slight turn downward and looked like it dived into the edge of the blue area and everything was gone, including the blue area…like it closed the door.

The event lasted 30 seconds.

My location is in the country, where no lights interfere with the observation.

Psychological effects none, just amazed in what I saw.

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