Alien Encounter in Carolina, Carolina on September 27th 2011 – – Star like beings–entering my house–

-At first it seemed like if I was dreaming-

I saw a very bright blue light coming from my window –
I got up thinking I had left my window opened-
-something I never do-

when I reached the window I realized it was closed, and then I said to myself, where is this light coming from, but then the light disappeared,

my dog started barking, and I decided to get up and go to the area of the garage to see what she was barking too- when I open the door of the kitchen that leads to the garage- I hear what it seems to be children laughing–

–but it was late for any child to be playing in the street, I look around and see no one–

–then I see this 3 beings, they were about the size of a child of 3-5 years of age-

they had human form, but they were made of stars, had no features, just sparkling stars…I realized I was seeing some form of extraterresttial entity, and I asked them not to enter my home, cause if they did I was gona freak out…

–they didn’t came in as far as I can remember, but they were going around the house as if they were running around it, and I could see them very clear–

when I came into what at first seem to be a dream- I was standing in the garage drive way outside–and my dog was inside the house hiding under my bed-

I don’t believe was a dream…I never sleep walk…so I believe it was an apparition .

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