Children present: Atmospheric Crimes and Danger

Jet Aircraft anomalies, metals in rainwater and patents all reveal that geoengineering our atmosphere has been deployed by the powers that be. This is literally an experiment with Life itself.

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Geoengineering, What Do Our Children Have to Say About It?

We fight to save a future for our children, we owe our lives to them. Too many in our society have rationalized their own personal pursuits of pleasure while claiming to love their children. To truly show our love for the children of the world, we must fight for them with every breath we take, with every fiber of our being. It is this that drives me forward in this battle. The video below is particularly close to my heart, two of the voices in this video are from my son and my daughter. Our reality and theirs is changing and darkening by the day. Our collective challenges are growing at a pace that cannot be truly comprehended. Will we go silently into the night? Or will we join hands and struggle against the fading of the light? It is time for all to stand and join this fight for our very survival, and the survival of our children. There is only now, make your voice heard in this all important battle to expose and stop the greatest of all human assaults against life on Earth, global climate engineering. My sincere gratitude to Mauro Oliveira for producing this video.
Dane Wigington

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