UFO Breaking News Alien Implant Extraction? Medical Surgery Battle!! Special Jan 4 2014

Breaking News Alien Implant Extraction? Medical Surgery Battle!! Thirdphaseofmoon team member & manager of Dr. Leir, Dr. J Andy Ilias, was present in a secret location January 4, 2014 near Los Angeles to witness implant #17 being removed from anonymous abductee. The full details & surgery footage will be shown in the upcoming Watchers 8 movie done by LA Marzulli (www.lamarzulli.net) & his partner Richard Shaw. See Dr. Leir’s info along with his chief scientist, Steve Colbern at www.alienscalpel.com . Also be sure & listen to our weekly radio show with top guests Thursdays 8-10 pm ET www.freedomslips.com studio A or call in & listen via phone or ask questions 818-923-1713. Also speak to Blake Cousins & tell your UFO story Fridays 11pm ET blogtalkradio.com/thirdphaseofmoon-ufo-sightings & call in there at 347-934-0378. If you captured anything amazing, contact us via Skype or Facebook at thirdphaseofmoon & check out our new site at www.thirdphaseofmoon.net

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