UFO Sighting in Manteo, North Carolina on April 6th 1996 – –the Dentist Chair–not a dentist

–again–what seems a dream but is not–

I was living in Manteo North Carolina at the time-

I thought I was dreaming-

in the supposed dream, I was dreaming I was in what seems to be a Dentist chair,

I was alone in the room-the room was very bright, as if the walls were made of light, the room was white in color

I was sitting in what seems a dentist chair-then this guys , human like, comes over and sits beside me in another chair like dentists do, when he gets near me,he has a long needle in his hands, and Iam thinking ok, hes gonna fix my teeth

but all of the sudden I have the needle over one of my eyes, I go into panic mode and I start struggling with the supposed needle and the man that’s trying to put the needle in my eye

somehow I was able to get out of the chair, trying to find the way out of the room was insane, cause the walls had no doors–

then a young man like me in those days appeared and told me the door is here, and before he was able to get me out, an alien appeared, he was very light green greyish- he was holding me in my upper arm– I struggle till I got away

when I woke up—I had a hand marked in my upper arm, with 3 finger, the mark stayed there maybe half an hours after I woke up-

I believe I was abducted-

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