UFO Sighting in Merritt Island, Florida on December 16th 2014 – i observed luminous green lights in a fan shape w / colunms on each side of green light shooting balls 4-5 on each side then 10- 12 .;;two incidents. back to back

On december. 26th 2014 at 9:00pm to 9:15pm while on the phone w /a friend in las vegas i observed a large green lumiated fan shaped object to north .it was flanked on
Both sides w/coulumns /tubes launching orbs in to the sky
a few minutes it) Jus disappered, then while i was describing it onthe phone it instantly reappeared 10 times brighter with the fan shape pulsating like a keyboard,w/ the columns,,launching super illuminating balls inthe sky that occured about 5minutes or less. The entire event took less than 15 minutes then nothing it was clear sky all eve
I look looked the next evening same time a d saw nothing ever again

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