UFO-Related (see previous post) Media Articles: Theme: The 2002 Mission of USNS Loyal In Norway

In July 2002, the Norwegian media reported on the 2002 mission of the U.S. Navy’s surveillance ship, USNS Loyal, in the Sørøy Strait (Sørøysundet), Finnmark, Norway:
“Mysterious ship sought shelter”
29 July 2002 (Verdens Gang (VG), Oslo, Norway)
“Mysterious American ship performing search in Finnmark”
29 July 2002 (Verdens Gang (VG), Oslo, Norway)
“What is USA looking for?”
29 July 2002 (Nordlys, Tromsø, Norway)
“American submarine hunters in Norwegian waters”
30 July 2002 (Verdens Gang (VG), Oslo, Norway)
“Must account for marine vessels”
30 July 2002 (NRK, Oslo, Norway)
“USA silent about ‘research vessel’ ”
30 July 2002 (Nordlys, Tromsø, Norway)
“Demand a clear answer”
31 July 2002 (Nordlys, Tromsø, Norway)
“Spy ship has disappeared”
25 September 2002 (Nordlys, Tromsø, Norway)

The Sørøy Strait is located to the west of Hammerfest (tageo.com)

(tageo.com photo)

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