UFO-Related TV News Report: TV 2 Report On the Mission of USNS Loyal In Norway In 2002

July 2002 (TV 2, Bergen, Norway)
TV 2 reports on the mysterious mission of the U.S. Navy’s surveillance ship, USNS Loyal, in the Sørøy Strait (Sørøysundet), Finnmark, Norway in 2002:
Morten Kræmer, TV 2 reporter: “Ten years ago (1992), the crew of the ferry, M/F Åfjord, saw a light which came down from the sky and dived into the Sørøy Strait (Sørøysundet). Some local citizens believe this is the reason why the ship is surveilling the Sørøy Strait.” (at the start of video No. 2)
Arnleif Iversen, captain of the ferry, M/F Åfjord: “A lot of people talk about the light phenomenon which has been seen here. Others talk about submarines.”
Iversen said USNS Loyal has surveilled the Sørøy Strait the last 5 years, for months at a time. He dismisses the explanation (USNS Loyal is either resupplying or seeking shelter from the weather) of the Norwegian Armed Forces.
Kjell Grandhagen, Brigadier and Press Officer, Norwegian Armed Forces: “It is a fact that these ships do not perform any military missions inside the Norwegian territorial waters. The ships only resupply or seek shelter from the weather.”
TV 2 reporter: “Do you understand that it seems striking that these ships circulate in the Sørøya Strait?”
Kjell Grandhagen: “I understand that people who see this sailing pattern can believe that something mysterious is going on. But that is not the case.”
After the July 2002 media (TV 2 news report and many articles 
in Norway’s largest newspapers) focus on USNS Loyal’s activities 
– the ship disappeared.

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USNS Loyal
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Arnleif Iversen, Captain, M/F Åfjord
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