UFO Sighting in Liverpool, England on July 15th 2015 – Upright cigar shaped, white with dark spot halfway, floated upwards until unobservable

Wirral, Merseyside, UK.
Looking up in the sky from my back garden facing SW, noticed a silvery whiteish elongated cigar shape floating away in SW direction.
Clear sky, no clouds. First thought it was a plane but no noise or vapour trail and it would have had to be travelling on it’s side. Possibly a weather balloon but I’ve never seen a real one, only photographs.
Grabbed the binoculars and focused in on the object and it appeared white/silver shimmering surface with one vivid and two or three faint lines top to bottom and a dark patch or hollow in the centre. I’d say it was 8/10 times as tall as it was wide. It seemed as though it was changing shape or semi solid shimmering rather than solid surfaced.
It seemed to be gaining height and or getting smaller as it moved upwards and further away towards the horizon. As it was disappearing I ran in to grab a camera to get a photo before it went out of sight but it was gone went I went back outside.
100% sure it wasn’t a plane as I live near a flight path, Liverpool/ Manchester and frequently see and hear all manner of planes flying in and out.
Initially felt confused but then decided to write a report but didn’t know where and this site was the first I’ve come across

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