UFO Sighting in McKinney, Texas on July 15th 2015 – 4 bright, star-like lights moving east to west. Not planes or satellites (checked with Starwalk app)

While standing outside early this morning my girlfriend and I observed 4 distinctive star-like lights move across the sky.

Artist who work late nights, we were outside having a smoke break around 4:45am when We spotted the first light almost directly overhead, moving east to west. A few seconds later we observed another star-like object following the first one in roughly the same flight path and position. We watched as the first object became too faint to see while the other trailed behind.

About a minute later we observed two more star-like objects south of us, also moving towards the westerly horizon, crossing slightly underneath Venus and Jupiter in the westward sky.

The objects had no flashing lights and appeared to be very high in the sky. We checked satellite flight paths on the Star Walk app and confirmed that the ISS and other major satellites were below the horizon at the time. WE observed the objects continue to move westwardly, without setting, until they were too faint to see.

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