Black Triangle Sighting in Flint, Michigan on October 7th 2006 – it wasn’t unidentified, it was a machine not of this earth

On one night in the fall while working on a sunroof i noticed a strobe light out over wades hill (a power line tower) no red or green lights so i thought it must be a new type of helicopter, so i watched it the light popped every few seconds and i notice it’s moving way to slow to be a plane but it was on a slow path towards me, This night had a full moon and was pretty clear out so i stooped a bit to make the light pass in front of the moon, noticed it had no airplane or helicopter sound and then just as it was about to be right in the moons light right over me 3 multi colored lights came into view. These colors were nothing like i’m used to viewing colors(i paint cars for a living) each of the 3 lights changed it colors slowly then once it was full in the moon it had a perfect outline and noticed the strobe light was no longer visible only the 3 round lights which nearly covered all of the under surface and as it got about the same angle as when i notice the 3 lights vs the 1 strobe the strobe reappeared just under the machine aprox. 6 feet under it, not touching or connected to anything leaving me to think the 3 lights were making the strobe. There was a funny feeling in my body as it passed over me that went away as soon as i no longer could see 3 lights but just the 1 strobe it was a perfect concaved triangle with a dome on the top. i built machines the ones that build cars, as an automation tech i know machines and that one was not of this earth. Since that incident i’ve had 3 more sighting 2 of them sure they were ufo’s but that and 1 other time, no, easily identified. Not ours. If you would like to discus this please join me on irc Efnet #mufon i am Ynot

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