Rocket launch captured on film

What you see here is a camera attached to a rocket and it goes up really fast. Another thing you see is the earth below. You can see the earth is not a ball but very flat. If the earth was a ball, the horizon would curve as you increase in altitude. This video was added to Conspiracydude’s flat earth video, which is now gone from youtube so I give thanks to him for finding it first and putting it in his video.

I also have a link to a picture of what is what I think good concept art of what the earth actually looks like. And a little note on the picture shows an oval (notice the picture is oval because it’s a side view) which would be a circle if seeing this image from above. This is a concept art of the flat earth and not the end of discussion of what it’s shape may be. It is the best picture I could find and I want to show that the Apollo image of the earth is only a cropped circle of the earth. You can look at for some videos. He does a good job inside photoshop to show how NASA has cropped pictures of the earth and this is what I think they did.

Another thing about a ball earth is you would expect the oceans to look as they do in this video so I believe they were not only cropped but touched up to look more blue and interesting and also clouds added to NASA images.

On a side note as the rocket went up, I think I saw a chemtrail.

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