UFO database

I’m building a UFO database and looking for some input and suggestions.

It’s still in development, but currently, the plan is to take UFO sightings from reporting databases (like NUFORC and MUFON), news articles, archives, and other sources, and break them into data points. Currently, I have over 200 data points. Of course, not all will apply to every sighting.

The report is not being copied, the database works more like a pointer. So, you can search the data points for something like: disk-shaped UFOs with green lights in Texas, where the sighting had multiple witnesses, between x and x dates… etc…

The database would then provide links to the reports/articles across the multiple databases/sources which had those matches.

The database is already built, I’m still working on the interface, and loading the data, plus some other issues still being worked out.

I want the database to be publicly available and useful to anyone who wants to research UFOs. My question is, what features would you want to see in a database, or what suggestions would you have? Is this even something of interest?

I started the project because I found myself going to several sources over and over again looking for sighting detail information.

Thanks – Any input is appreciated!

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