UFO Sighting in Commerce City, Colorado on July 16th 2015 – two bright red disc shapes

It was about 9-930 pm in the evening looking at the tv with my wife,and I happen to go out side to fix a light when something bright red came into view saw it was disc shape. ran into the house to alert my wife of what I was looking at…she got mad at me came out side looked up and said it was an airplane from the DIA airport and whent back into house. our house has lots of windows. when my wife yelled at me to come take alook at what she was seeing in the window what she tought to be fireworks..! one of the flying discs was right up close.. to the house saw it really well and joked with the wife and said it was an invasion! THEN it hovered over the house for a while,my wife told me to go out side and get a better look when I said no!she said are you afraid? are you scared they will take YOU! I said yes iam…and then I noticed 2 f16s and then the disc headed east and followed the other red disc at a great speed..then I noticed two black copters headed in the same path..SCARED! yes I was wow I hope we never, see this again.But we will never forget what was seen.BY the way called the air force and they laughed at me..Im glad you people understand that they are here more and more and have been here for a long time! Thank you!

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