UFO Sighting in Eugene, Oregon on July 16th 2015 – In my kitchen looking north and slight northwest over Skinners Butte, I saw a silvery white oval shape larger than an airplane flash and drop or descend in a straight line very quickly from the sky to the ground within 2 seconds from 500 – 1,000 ft up.

Sitting in my kitchen at my computer and looking thru my window to the north northwest of Skinners Butte, I observed a large silvery white oval falling or rapidly descending from maybe 500-1,000 ft in the sky (slightly hazy blue) toward the ground. The ground/horizon however is not actually in my line of sight (obscured by buildings). The flash or reflection is what caught my eye in the first place before it fell or descended. The “oval” was falling/shooting straight down with a short end being (up and down) while the long sides of the oval were (east/west). I have never witnessed anything like this before and thought perhaps a wing had fallen off of a plane or a weather balloon was falling from the sky – but these dont seem plausible. Its a windy (10-14mph) day with shifts from onshore to southerly to even northwesterly. The object fell/shot straight down as though it had weight/mass. Before the event, I witnessed a white “Learjet” type aircraft flying to the west of me about 15-20 minutes and about 15 minutes after the event I noticed another white “Learjet” type airplane flying in the northwest, from perhaps the Eugene airport (10 miles away). When I observed the “Oval” it was falling from what appeared to be 3-5 miles from my location. No aircraft (plane or helicopter) were within sight when the “Oval” flashed and fell/descended. I have not heard sirens, seen smoke/fire or anything that would make this sighting an emergency situation. The “Oval” flashed silvery white but was only white when it fell/descended. This is the only sighting I have witnessed since I was 12 yrs old in 1962 and I witnessed a satin black, silently, low flying rectangular craft over my families back yard in late Spring before sundown.

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