Nibiru with a chem trail 2April 2011.mp4

I cannot change the perspective of the object in outer space, I can only change it’s perspective to our earth bound horizon. In this case the chem trail being the earth bound horizon. Notice how the chem trail disappears towards the end. Today in Thailand’s Isthmus a mountain roared and split open , then water surged …… Stranding some citizens on the opposite side of a raging rapid with no road access.
The coastal areas ( 9 provinces) have sunk and have been inundated by tidal surges as high a 6 meters.
Last week Northern Thailand experienced two not one as reported 7 mag. earthquakes, and now has daily tremors with open fissures filling with ground water. Fissures have opened up near Bangkok the capital city and a small tsunami last week wiped out at least a dozen homes in the Naklua area of Chon Buri Province. People have died and some still debunk this video.
Japan hasn’t stopped shaking having almost at least one 6 mag. EQ a day. Just 13 today and the first day without a 6 mag. But still lost of 5+ mags. …….

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