UFO Sighting in Dyer, Tennessee on June 27th 2015 – large orange/yellow pulsating light with rays hovering above house

sitting on the porch at 2AM looked to the left and noticed a large round pulsating light above my neighbors house. it appeared as if it was hovering, it was stationary and was a yellow and orange round ball of light with yellow rays extending from it. It was approximately 1 quarter the size of the house i sat and watched it for about 30 minutes and it never moved but continued to pulsate. I saw no one else outside anywhere, so i went in to get someone to come see it but when i went back outside it was gone. I checked the news the next day to see if there was anything on there about it but apparently no one else reported it. Observing it i was mesmerized and i remember wondering if i was witnessing a UFO. I was never afraid only fascinated and extremely curious.

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