UFO Sighting in Stevensville, Maryland on July 12th 2015 – While driving home from work my two daughters thought they were seeing a search helicopter until it was in front of them.

This past Sunday night at 11 my teenage daughters (16 &18) were driving home from work. They work together at a restaurant about 5 miles from home. They noticed what they thought was a search helicopter with two lights shining down. They thought I wonder who they���re looking for. While parked in front of our house they noticed it was above the neighborhood. Search helicopters are loud/noisy, my daughter said this wasn���t noisy at all. Then all the sudden it was in front of the car, as low down as the roof of our 2 level house. The bottom was completely circular like a UFO, the spotlights pointed off to the sides (white lights). It tilted on its side & had lights going around it (red, green, blue). The side width was not very high. The width of the bottom was about 2 of her cars in front of each other. I said did you take a picture, she said we were in shock & it happened so fast. A couple days later my older daughter still trying to make sense of it, said maybe it was a search helicopter. I���m going to google helicopters to see if they���re starting to make them look like UFO���s.

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