UFO Sighting in Webster Groves, Missouri on January 1st 2013 – From my back deck I saw a very orange object passing by,

My wife and I were celebrating New Years Eve in the hot tub. It was a clear, cool evening. Around 12:20 she went inside while I took my time getting out of the tub and closing it down. I stood at the back deck railing just enjoying the feel of the evening.

In my left peripheral vision I picked up on a glow and looked to see an orange sphere glowing from behind the bare tree branched. It had the appearance of a Harvest Moon – but it was in the wrong place and too late for that, plus it was moving. When it cleared the trees, it took up as much of my field of vision as a softball (maybe bigger)held at arms length. It moved slowly, steadily, and silently.

I considered whether or not it was a balloon but it was perfectly round and had no gondola or gas ignition sounds. It wasn’t a helicopter with a down light – no sound; no beam. It had nothing to do with fireworks. I just silently, peacefully watched as it slowly moved toward the NE and disappeared behind the terrain. I didn’t even think about going in to get my wife or a camera. I just wanted to watch it.

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