UFO Sighting in Jefferson City, Missouri on September 8th 2010 – Giant red orb, perfect square flight path, ascent up and out

Myself and a friend were sitting on the back patio at his house late one night. We both then noticed a giant, red/orange, glowing ball in the sky. The distance is unknown, but an estimate would be one or two miles away. The object came straight from the ground directly up, about halfway up the horizon. Even if it was very close to us, it was 10 times faster than an airplane. It stopped and accelerated rapidly and stood still when it stopped, basically hovering. It flew in a very dinstinct “square” pattern, stopping for a few moments at each “corner” of the square.

Rose from the ground, and that position would be the top left corner of the square. It proceeded clockwise, stopping at 4 equidistant points, the last being it’s original starting position (not including the ground it took off from). It stood still at that last spot about twice as long as the others, before ascending at a 45�� angle until it disappeared.

Very fast, stop/start capabilities, very big, distinct pattern before takeoff.

It seemed that the object was performing a normal or routine pattern it needed in order to ascend out of sight. My associate and I had never seen anything like it. With the fact that it went into space and out of sight, there is no doubt it’s purpose was to leave earth.

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