UFO Sighting in Oceanside, California on May 14th 2014 – Bright ball-like sphere approached, hovered, then blinked out.

Photo #1 . . . Actual photo taken of sighting area when many fires were burning throughout the San Diego, California area May 14, 2014. Several of them could be seen from my home.
The following seven photos were taken a few months later (at the same time of day), after feeling compelled to document what I witnessed that day around 1PM. I feel it would take too long to describe the details, so I have pasted white pieces of paper to the photos to show what I saw. The photos are in order and numbered. Besides this written account, descriptions are pasted on reverse of each photo.

Photo #2 . . . A friend and I were looking at smoke from four of those fires when I spotted what looked like, at first, a balloon. For about 10 seconds I watched as it bobbed up, down and around in an area beyond the nearby mobile home roofs, on the other side of a couple housing developments, and past a stand of trees near a golf course about 2 miles away. My companion soon spotted the object. If my friend wishes to make a report of this sighting that remains to be seen.

Photo #3 . . . . After observing this object bobbing and weaving, I noticed it ascending and coming to a stop. I thought it may be a balloon of sorts I am not familiar with and it was probably tethered. It hovered motionless while I was wishing I was closer to get a better look. Within two seconds I could tell it was on the move, straight for us. I thought for sure as it approached we would begin to recognize the object and soon hear it.

Photo #4 . . . It was getting closer, but I still did not know what it was. A radiantly brilliant pure white object. I wondered what it was made of, for the sun to reflect off of it without sending a reflection back. It appeared to be perfectly round. Was it round or flat? No sound approaching.

Photo #5 . . . In the 3 seconds it took to reach us, it was obvious the object was not tethered. Nothing was pushing or pulling the craft. I could not see any means of propulsion or guidance. No wings, flaps or aerials. No insignias or markings of any kind. No windows. No pulsing lights.

Photo #6 . . . Turning on my heels, I watched it go past us. The photo shows where it stopped and remained for about 5 seconds. Without a point of reference, it���s hard to know precisely how high it was. It seems it had not gained much altitude from the time it left the trees, so my guess is around 1,000 feet, but possibly less. I still could not hear a motor or even a whirring sound, just silence. I also had not seen any change in the structure; still just perfectly round and very bright white, as though a light were coming from inside to illuminate the exterior. Although the sun was now behind the object, it remained just as luminous as when I thought possibly the sun had possibly been reflecting on it to make it so radiant. It���s hard to know if the object was round like a ball or flat, as it looked the same throughout this sighting.

Photo #7 . . . The object moved slightly to our right. I was thinking it seemed to be curious about us. I was thinking maybe it was going to come closer. I was also thinking ���are you crazy?��� It hung there for about 4 seconds then disappeared. Just blinked out. My friend asked if I had seen what they had seen. We discussed the options of what it could have been, concluding we had witnessed an object flying in the sky that we could
not identify.

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