UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on November 21st 1965 – orange globes moving from ground level into the sky

On of about November 1965, on or about 3 a. m. Travis AFB Alert Area SAC 10 B-52 bombers on alert status each has nuclear weapons on board. Area protected by 20 Air Force Security Policemen. Plus a NCOIC, and Strike Team with three Security Police with fully automatic weapons, and K-9 units in the fields.

I as a Airman Security Policeman on a remote portion of the alert area observed observed orange globes ascending from near the active runway and my position with the B-52 I was guarding. This event lasted approx 10 minutes the first time. I radioed for help and NCOC and Strike team responded, a detailed search was conducted and nothing was observed or found. About 4 a.m. I observed the globes again.

I radioed the alert again, this time all available Security Police (SAC) responded including the reserve Strike Team called out.

A lengthy search was conducted and the Control Tower reported an aircraft that was taking off, almost flew into such a globe. Negative on the search, it never happened again. In August 1966 I was reassigned to Torrejon AB, Spain, just after they lost the Nuke in the Med from a crashed B-52.

After discharged, I was employed by the United States Marshal’s Service, and I am the founder of the Fraternal Order Of Law Enforcement.

I have produced a YouTube video on this event.

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