UFO Sighting in Stratford, Ontario on June 26th 2015 – Observed orange orb moving in a westerly direction, silently, at night.

June 26th 2015 at approx. 10 pm. Observed outside my home an orange orb travelling silently at approx. 1000 ft. I say this because we have a nearby airport and small planes arrive to land daily. We had just returned from of all places, a couple of lectures at the Alien Cosmos Expo and decided to have a drink on the side deck. I was the second witness, the first witness’s “deer in the head lights” stare caused me to turn and look. It was round and translucent . the edges did not look solid. We had not seen anything like it before. I thought it may have been the back end of a military plane out on maneuvers but couldn’t figure why that would be the only light on. It appeared to travel very quickly (compared to a Cessna) and in a straight path. Because we are surrounded by other houses and trees, our line of sight disappeared quickly.

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