Chemtrails HEAT the Earth Proof 6 3 14

This is PROOF that chemtrails HEAT the Earth, NOT cool it. Extreme heavy chemtrails were laid over southern Arizona, and the temperatures were 109 for two days in a row. The chemtrails were laid ALL NIGHT LONG, which has a warming effect, and prevents the hot earth from radiating heat into the clear night sky. Chemtrails were sold to the program participants, on the basis that they will slow down global warming, but that is WRONG. Instead, here is proof that chemtrails are creating a blanket, to hold more heat near the surface. The best way to cool planet Earth is to permit natural clouds, and natural rainfall patterns. This is the way to sequester the maximum amount of carbon in the soil, by maximizing plant growth. Normal precipitation patterns MUST TAKE PRIORITY over surface temperatures, to prevent runaway global warming. The precipitation should be in normal amounts, and on a regular schedule. This can be arranged by the geoengineering systems which are now operating to accelerate global warming, mass extinction, and population reduction. These systems can be used to stabilize the climate, instead of their past use, which was to accelerate the death of planet Earth. There are encouraging signs, since the Alaska chemtrailing seems to be keeping the warm jetstream loop out of the Arctic.

If chemtrailing is happening over your town, it is important to take video, and upload the video. Also, write editorials in your local newspaper, write your congressman, demand a heaing. If you live in Arizona, contact your state representative to shut down the Air Base, where the planes fly out of. This might be the best way to stop the chemtrailing quickly, so if you are in Arizona, start working on this, unless you like 109 degrees at the start of June, not to mention the health problems that come from inhaling whatever toxic nanoparticles they are dropping on you. Let’s work together to drag this nasty business into the light! Sunlight sanitizes ALL!

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