“Declaration Of War Against Earth And Sky” By Taina Amayi

“Declaration Of War Against Earth And Sky”, by Taina Amayi. Sound effects by www.SweetSound Effects.com. Special thanks to Global Skywatch.

If human beings can be treated inhumanely by madmen of conquest, the same is true of ALL OUR RELATIONS. A war is going on, which threatens Earth and Sky, potentially changing the entire environment as we now know it.
Many attempt to debunk the combined threats of chemtrails and HAARP. They mock the people who SEE what is happening before their very eyes, and call them “conspiracy theorists.” They quote “experts” who, more than likely, say what they are told, and perhaps, PAID to tell the public.
It is proving more and more true, that policies made in the “holy halls of governments” do NOT have the good of ANYONE in mind, except for those pursuing the 15th century endeavors of conquest, and the destruction of ANYONE who stands in the way of “progress”, even if only ideologically.
People who are NOT outraged by the abuses being perpetrated are NOT paying attention. What we do to our Relations, we do to OURSELVES. It is a grave error NOT to consider the consequences of our actions; to do so is essentially to commit wholesale suicide. What adds to the insidiousness of the predations I continuously observe is the blatant mockery of the victims by the perpetrators of said predations. Guess what? IT’S NOT FUNNY. I do not see the humor in spraying toxic smoke upon people, who subsequently get sick, and perhaps more dying than we can imagine.
There are people that walk around oblivious to the obvious streams of chemical trails planted directly over our heads, some actually spelling out ominous messages in these trails. am disturbed by the silence of the elected officials when asked about the chemtrails, and the Tesla-based High Frequency Auroral Research Program, a.k.a. HAARP. To me, the silence of those in leadership reeks of bad medicine forced upon a mostly unaware public. The ominous silence in and of itself speaks volumes of something terribly wrong.
Indeed, there are MANY videos on HAARP and chemtrails. Some may very well be fabricated, but, really, how many are? There is a collective fear invading the spirit of ALL Living Beings on Mother Earth. Fear is the beast, which consumes the mind, and sacrifices the will of even the strongest to the self-proclaimed “gods of war”, petty tyrants at best, genocidal and ecocidal lunatics at worst.
In short: We are in trouble.
We need to return to the Life Ways of respect for the Sacred. This truth applies to governments, corporations, and the general public. The Earth is NOT a dead “thing” to be exploited. ALL LIFE has inherent rights given by The Great Spirit. Abuse of power is weakness, love, respect, honor and integrity comprise TRUE strength. May we all return to the Sacred Ways.

All My Relations
~Taina Amayi~

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