UFO Sighting in Adin, California on June 16th 2015 – Viewed orb-like object from front porch.

My partner and I were sitting on our front porch in Adin, CA having a discussion. She had just arrived home from a 10-day trip out of the area. My house is located at the edge of our tiny town. The front porch runs east to west with an excellent view of town and surrounding areas. I noticed very large orb rise up due east just behind the radio facility hill located adjacent to town and in front of Hunters Ridge . I was rather startled by the size of the object. I immediately told her “There’s an Orb! Look at the Orb!” She couldn’t see the object, so I scrambled off the porch and found a place in the yard on the eastside of the porch where we would both have a clear view. We watched the orb rise up and move to the south behind the small hill, and then come back in a northern direction where we could view it again. The object hovered for about a minute, ascended some feet then moved to the west directly toward us. My partner exclaimed “That aint natural!”. The orb suddenly vanished. The object was located approximately 4 to 6 miles away due east. It never ascended higher than Hunter Ridge located behind it. The orb looked like it ascended out of the Ash Creek/Rivalier Canyon area(s).

I’m really puzzled about these objects. I’ve seen quite a few orbs in this valley, but never one so large in appearance. I was relieved that I had another witness who saw exactly the same thing I did!

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