UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on November 5th 1979 – Up to 100 colored star like orbs in sky; loud hovering craft that immobilized me

I’m always keeping eye open for people who had similar experiences as mine. Just noticed someone in same area had witnessed star-like formations in sky south of Ottawa only yesterday (July 18, 2015 in Ottawa/Barrhaven). The description appears to be similar to my own experience in November 1979 (only days before my near fatal car accident Dec 2, 1979).
I was staying in an old farmhouse (being renovated/no phone) south of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was dark, late, don’t know the exact time. Through the window i saw multi color-changing glowing star-like globes “dancing” in the sky doing perfect (and i mean PERFECT) geometrical formations i.e. bursting apart and coming together perfectly (50 – 100?, the sky was full of them). I began to feel they were trying to communicate with me and i remember trying not to be scared, but i was alone in a desolate place. Every time i went to the window they were still there dancing-like in the sky. Eventually I laid down on the bed there (with the light on), wanting to sleep but i was too pumped! I heard an unusual rather sonic “helicopter” sound in distance and approaching (never heard this exact sound before). It hovered (extremely loud pulsating sound) directly above the roof where I lay and I became TOTALLY immobilized, unable to move anything. It was so loud that the house shook. All I could feel physically was my heart pumping extremely hard. As my heart nearly exploded (literally!)I prayed and telepathically tried to communicate that please nothing appear or it will explode. I heard a (male) voice speak “she’s not ready yet”, and the sonic helicopter sound (wooh wooh wooh) drifted off as it drifted in and I became able to move again. I didn’t know what time it was to begin with, so don’t know if any time loss. (I’ve kept this experience mostly to myself for many years, very few have heard).
I had a different experience with a tall alien being earlier in the seventies. He had a beautiful human like face with a huge bald head in a long burgundy gown. He communicated to me telepathically and cast an enormous feeling of peace that I can not describe. At the time, I remember being given understanding of everything, but now I don’t know what that was! It occurred in the same room that I was in and seemed very very real. It was very inspiring experience, and I was shown my child son at least 16 years before he was born. I will never forget it, but I think that could be too easily tossed off as a dream.

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