UFO Sighting in Dorr, Michigan on July 18th 2015 – taking picture of crecent shaped moon with cell phone at exact time phone took photo bright light crossed horizon over moon phone caught immage

On 7/18/15 I was working in my small machine shop. At or about 10:00 P.M. I decided to take a short break and walk outside. When I exited the shop through the overhead door on the North side I looked to my left to see a crescent moon and a star to its right. Thinking to myself that this would make a nice picture I went to my house to get my cell phone. I then went back outside and stood near the north east corner of my shop and faced west so I could get the best view. I then held up my phone and the very instant it took the picture a bright white oval shaped object crossed the sky over the moon from north to south at a very high rate of speed. At first I thought that it was nothing more than a shooting star until I looked at the photo that I had taken and found that the image was in the picture and realized that this might be something more. I then went back to the shop turned out the lights and went back to the house to turn in for the night. After a quick shower I went to the living room where I had left my cell phone looked over the image for a few minutes and decided that I should report this to someone with more knowledge of this type of thing.

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