UFO Sighting in San Carlos, California on February 28th 1982 – I heard humming overhead, began to watch the sky, saw lights, then saw lg glowing blimp go by.

It was years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was visiting a friend who’s condo overlooked the Pulgas Open Space Preserve in San Carlos, CA. I can get the actual address where we saw this, but it was just off of Edgewood Rd on Crestview Drive. I heard a strange sound coming from overhead, I looked up, and saw nothing. It was still light out, but it was starting to get dark. My friends balcony over looked the open space, and the view of the night sky was huge and without any features to prevent us from seeing most of the sky looking to the west. My friend became interested in my sudden need to watch the sky. She could see stars that seemed to move, I can’t be sure it wasn’t her imagination, but I can’t remember anything remarkable up to that point.

This went on for a few hours, my friend got very excited and called the police. They asked her if she had “flying saucers in her bathtub”, so that didn’t seem to work. I will ask her if she remembers making any other calls that night, and if I can get a more specific date, but we kept looking at the sky. We wanted to get another perspective, so we walked out her front door (facing east)when we saw this huge glowing blimp slowing fly by about 200 or 300′ feet away from us. It looked and flew like a blimp, but not like anything I’ve ever seen before or since. It seemed to be rubbernecking us, it flew south for a few hundrend feet and then turned down Edgewood Rd toward the busy downtown area.

I remember seeing a caravan of white cars and vans driving north on Crestview Dr, but I think it was actually before we saw the flying glowing blimp go by. This thing was the size of a blimp but instead of the inflated balloon or whatever they call the part that holds it up, was this intense glowing sphere that was brighter than anything I’ve ever seen in the sky except the sun. The color was like amber jewelry but really bright, gold yellow orange. This was pretty late at night, 11 p.m. or so.

After seeing that I was scared, and called my father to come pick me up. I told him about it but he thought it was late and he just wanted to get home. I was a teenage girl and most of what I spoke about was silly to him. I was recently talking about my experience, and he said something funny. He didn’t say you’re crazy or that’s silly, he said I shouldn’t talk about this to anyone. That struck me as strange, and then I remembered his military experience. He was in communications in the Air Force in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I don’t know why he said it like that, but I think he’s afraid for me to come forward. But like he always says, “you have never been afraid of anything”. It could be a lack of common sense, but I wanted to find out if other people had seen something like this. I found one story about a Virginia man who described a craft that sounded like my experience, and that led me to you. I record all the UFO series that I can find on my DVR. I’m always looking for my blimp!

I think my friend would tell you what she saw that night if I asked her to, but she would probably want to remain anonymous too. We are both the paranoid types. I would like some reassurance that witnesses are not hassled or humiliated in the new millennia.

The vessel we saw looked like a blimp, but glowed very brightly like I said. It was large and pretty close to us initially. We were so excited by the it that we tried to get someone who had just come from their car to look at the sky, we frightened her I guess and she ran into her home. I noticed what looked like windows where you would expect the “coach”? to be. It looked like it was black in color but there was some color coming through the rectangular windows. If I had to guess, there were between 10 to 12 windows, but I can’t be sure. I could see this thing very clearly because it was flying so close to us. I feel like it knew we were watching the sky, and decided to show us what a real UFO looked like. My friend had noticed lights very high in the sky, many. I don’t remember seeing anything I could say was for sure, but when that blimp thing went by, everything changed, and I was overwhelmed.

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